International Federation on Ageing

International Federation on Ageing is an international non-governmental organization with a membership base comprising government, NGOs, academics, industry, and individuals in 80 countries.  IFA began operations in 1973, at a time when the social and economic impact of population ageing was only beginning to be understood by governments around the world.

IFA has general consultative status at the United Nations and its agencies, and is in formal relations with the World Health Organization.  IFA has been involved in drafting key initiatives such as the UN Principles for Older Persons, actively advocating for older people to be recognized in the Sustainable Development Goals, and maintaining a strong voice in the dialogue on how to best protect the rights of older people globally.


IFA is a registered charity in Canada, with an international and democratically elected Board of Directors.


Vision: A world of healthy older people whose rights and choices are both protected and respected.


Goal: To be the global point of connection and networks of experts and expertise to influence and shape age-related policy.


Our Mission: “Driving the Agenda of the World’s Ageing Populations”


We are the international advocate for the needs of ageing peoples.  We bring together global experts and expertise to influence and shape age-related policy to improve the lives of our constituency, and to better all of society. To learn more about our priority policy positions on Addressing Inequalities to Combating Ageism just follow the link.


We are: Activators; Catalysts; Motivators; Advisors; Mentors; Coordinators; Problem-solvers; and we are Fact based.


Our communications:

  • Speak confidently on behalf of our global constituency
  • Build the vision of a more perfect world for ageing populations
  • Directly tackle the big issues, embracing complexity and the elephant in the room
  • Seek to create shared understanding and consensus, but is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking
  • Make the science simple and plain
  • Prove the point with real-world examples featuring real people and their stories

Fearlessly opposed to ‘Prejudice against ones future self’