Campaigning to Combat Ageism  

This highly interactive, hands-on workshop will draw on contemporary evidence about what works in campaigning to combat ageism. Drawing on a recent review by the World Health Organisation, this workshop will present lessons learned from a number of campaigns to combat ageism around the world.

The workshop will be designed for those interested in campaigning but who may not have had experience in developing or rolling out a campaign. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about the elements of campaigning and how they can incorporate the best available evidence about what works into their efforts.

The workshop will focus on three key elements of campaigning:

1. Defining the problem and developing a theory of change

2. Building partnerships and collaboration

3. Building a social movement.

Participants will also have the chance to hear from, and network with, other campaigners and activists who are aiming to shift negative social norms on ageing and towards older people.  

Master Class Outcomes:

1. Knowledge of how to run a successful campaign to tackle ageism

2. Knowledge of, and skills in:

    a. the elements of campaigning;

    b. developing partnerships and collaborations;

    c. building a social movement.

3. Being part of a network of campaigners tackling ageism.

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