With You Group

WITH YOU GROUP is made up of two companies: Medical Corporation Junkei-kai and Forever Corporation Ltd.


Both companies operate a number of medical and health care facilities including a long-term care hospital, an outpatient clinic, three nursing homes, two group homes, a care support station and a regional comprehensive support center.  Medical Corporation Junkei-kai and Forever Corporation Ltd are closely related and work together to offer high quality health and care services to people.


Over the years, through the ‘art in health care’ project, both companies have created facilities that enhance clinical outcomes and also improve the working experiences of the staff. The building designs and art exhibitions have changed the functional image of the facilities into relaxing spaces that attract visitors from the surrounding communities simultaneously improving the well-being of the patients and elderly
residents in the care facilities.


WITH YOU GROUP is widely recognized and continues to seek innovative ways to provide better health and care services as well as contribute to the development of the community.